• What's Quackin'?!

    Giant rubber ducks, boasting "I Heart UCSB" stickers across their chests, are circulating out in the UCSB community! If you are given a duck make a video or post a photo with the duck and tell us why you love UCSB, before passing the duck to someone else! You're welcome to upload it to your social media channels, using the #iheartucsb hashtag. The best of the best posts will be featured below, in the Gaucho Gallery, so be sure to visit often!

    What's Your Duck's Name?

    Each "I Heart UCSB" duck has a story, and we want you to share your duck's adventures! Before your duck found you, who else did it meet, and where else did it go?

    Meet Serbie the SRB duck!

    Do you find yourself wandering the SRB tryng to find a particular department, conference room, or the bathroom?  Then direct your questions to Serbie, the SRB's resident front desk attendant.
    Serbie loves seeing the thousands of students, faculty, and visitors that visit the SRB on a weekly basis.
    Feel free to give Serbie a pet or ask one of the amazing SRB Front Desk Student Assistants to take a picture of you with him. 

    Meet Eedee the Education duck!

    Eedee loves nothing more than helping first year students adjust to the research university.  
    That's why you can catch her accompanying her best friend, Dr. Don Lubach, during lectures for the ED20 and ED118 courses!

    Meet #AmirtheDuck!

    #AmirtheDuck fears no Mustang! After hearing about the infamous Blue-Green Rivalry and record crowd attendance, Amir had to go see the action for himself.
    A long waddle later, Amir made it to Harder Stadium, where he cheered (er, quacked) on the Mens Soccer team, visited the concession stand, met some proud Gaucho parents (it was the 25th Annual Parents & Family Weekend), and made many new friends, including these friendly UCPD!
    Have you met Amir, yet? If you get to, be sure to share your fun photos, using #AmirtheDuck and #iheartucsb hashtags in your posts, then check back at www.iheartucsb.com to see if your posts made the cut!

    Meet #WinstontheDuck!

    We guess the grass is greener over at the UCSB Bookstore, because when #WinstontheDuck went over for a visit today, he decided to stay!
    UCSB Bookstore staffer Griffin Cartin, a senior political science major, found Winston waddling the aisles in search of a good read. When asked why he loves UCSB, Griffin said "because of its sense of community and family."
    When Winston wasn't following Griffin around the store, he could be found trying on Gaucho gear and taking selfies at the Mac station (a large feat for a guy with little wings)!
    Continue to follow #WinstontheDuck's adventures by searching for his hashtag across social sites, and maybe you'll find other birds of the same feather when you follow #iheartucsb!
    Photo by Carter Hiyama, Student Affairs Media Intern